3 Proofreading Tips to Eliminate Common Blogging Mistakes

Proofreading is important. While an occasional typo may be forgivable, it’s embarrassing, especially for writers who have editors. But, editors are people too, and sometimes miss the same things that writers do.

However, in the world of blogging, especially, independent blogs, editors are a luxury that most cannot afford. As such, bloggers need to be really good at proofreading, and need to always proofread multiple times before posting anything (and even after posting too)

1. Read Your Post Aloud

You don’t have to do so loudly, but proofreading by reading something aloud really can help you catch mistakes you might otherwise miss.

One tip to doing so effectively is to pretend you are a newscaster on the evening news reading their script. Basically, you want to focus on enunciating every word properly. By doing so, you’re more likely to catch mistakes that your mind might otherwise gloss over.

2. Bottom to Top Review

Another effective proofreading tip involves reading each sentence on its own starting from the last and moving your way up to the top. This helps you evaluate each individual sentence on its own to make sure it isn’t flawed. It also prevents you from getting lost in the flow of your own writing, which can happen pretty easily when you proofread from the top down.

If you have the privacy, you may even want to consider doing this review aloud as well.

3. Don’t Forget to Q&A Test

Did you put any links into your blog? You better check’em to make sure they work right. The last thing you want is to accidentally send your readers to a dead link, or worse, a malicious website. It is important to check your links both before and after they go live. Every single one of them. Even the one to your newsletter subscription page.

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