3 Tips for Keeping Your Blog on Track

Blogging is a marathon sport. Though occasionally you may feel the need to sprint, especially in the beginning, it’s best to just make and stick to a schedule for posting.

But, because life, staying on track can often be difficult, especially when writing isn’t your primary job, or isn’t generating any income for you. However, if you’re committed, then you can make it happen. And to help you and your blog stay on track, below you’ll find three tips.

1. Develop Daily and Weekly Routines

For those who can’t devote the majority of their working day to blogging, it is imperative to develop solid routines, and not just for writing. Spending a hour, or less even, on a daily or weekly basis, reading your own content and your competitions’ content is time well spent. And, if finding time to write is difficult, then scheduling time to do it regularly is critical.

Additionally, you should set up an administrative review time, at least monthly, to make sure your blog’s website is running smoothly, and everything is up to date.

When setting your routines, think about what works best for you. Are you an early-bird or night-owl? Is writing your afternoon-delight? Would you prefer to review your brainstorming notes every Friday or Monday? Set up times that make sense for you and are realistic (in terms of you being able to stick to it).

2. Never Stop Brainstorming Topic Ideas

One of the big road-blocks bloggers face is running out of topics. This can seemingly happen rather quickly for certain niche topics, however, as the internet has proven, time and time again, that there’s always something more to say about everything.

One way bloggers can avoid staring at blank page without a clue what to write involves maintaining a topics brainstorming list. In addition to making the list, it is a great idea to set aside some time every week for brainstorming topic ideas. However, you can and should always add topics to the list anytime you think of one, and it’s an excellent idea to maintain a topics brainstorming list on your smartphone so you can jot down topic ideas anytime and anywhere inspiration may strike.

3. Take it One Post at a Time

It can seem like an insurmountable task to post blog post after blog post when your audience may not be engaged, or even exist. But you need to remember that blogs don’t just get popular overnight. Well, sometimes they do. But most blogs take time to develop an audience and following, and even longer to become monetized. So long as you keep at it, keep up with blogging best practices, and keep creating content that readers would find valuable, you still have a chance to reach your goals.

Good content may not be easy, but so long as you just take it one post at a time, and focus on creating the content that your readers want in that one post, the bigger picture your blog is trying to paint will get there.

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